Announcing Olink Signature Q100: facilitating access for researchers to Olink technology with a benchtop system dedicated to multiplex protein biomarker measurement

Jun 02, 2021

UPPSALA, Sweden, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olink Holding AB (publ) (Nasdaq: OLK) today announced that it is now taking orders for Olink® Signature Q100, to allow more researchers access to Olink technology and high-quality proteomics data. Olink Signature Q100 is an affordable new benchtop system designed for readout of Olink® Target and Olink® Focus protein biomarker panels.

In parallel with the successful implementation of the Olink Explore platform for high-throughput protein biomarker discovery with Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) readout, Olink continues to invest in and develop its portfolio of more targeted solutions for protein biomarker research, based on readout with microfluidic quantitative PCR (qPCR). Until now, readout of Olink’s Target and Focus panels has been exclusively carried out using the multi-functional Fluidigm™ Biomark instrument. Olink Signature Q100 now offers a new, dedicated solution for readout of Olink panels that will enable researchers to run Olink kits more easily and conveniently in their own labs using as little as one microliter of plasma or serum to measure up to 92 proteins simultaneously.

"Olink provides the highest quality, most flexible solution available for protein biomarker studies in drug discovery & development and academic/clinical research. We provide thoroughly validated assays with unparalleled specificity, high sensitivity and broad dynamic range to provide scientists with the high-quality proteomics data they need. With Olink Signature Q100, we are delighted to broaden the accessibility of this technology by enabling more researchers to establish and run our targeted and custom biomarker panels in their own labs", says Jon Heimer, CEO of Olink.

Olink Signature Q100 is one of many developments currently underway to serve a broader spectrum of needs within protein biomarker research, providing a wider offering of application-focused mid-plex solutions and more flexible customer offerings.

"These developments demonstrate our commitment to innovate and improve across all aspects of our growing portfolio, to better serve the needs of our customers”, says Jon Heimer.

Key features:

  • Developed specifically for Olink’s high quality Target 96/48 and Focus (custom designed) protein biomarker panels as well as future custom biomarker solutions presently under development – currently totaling over 1 100 different thoroughly validated protein assays
  • Low investment threshold, broadening access to proteomic profiling to more researchers than ever before
  • User-focused design and intuitive interface, including integrated software and IFC loader
  • Small, compact footprint

“The Signature system gives us more flexibility and will reduce the average cost per sample, which will allow projects with lower budgets to also profit from the Olink technology. We see the Olink Signature system as a perfect addition to our current in-house protein analysis capabilities. One of the other key advantages of the Olink platform is that it uses very small sample volumes”, says Leo Joosten, Head of Research, Department of Experimental Medicine and Professor of Mechanisms of Inflammatory Disease at Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

For more details, please visit

Customers can pre-order Olink Signature from today (June 2, 2021), with delivery expected in Q4, 2021. Questions regarding the launch of this instrument should be directed to CEO Jon Heimer at

About Olink
Olink Holding AB (Nasdaq: OLK) is a company dedicated to accelerating proteomics together with the scientific community, across multiple disease areas to enable new discoveries and improve the lives of patients. Olink provides a platform of products and services which are deployed across major biopharmaceutical companies and leading clinical and academic institutions to deepen the understanding of real-time human biology and drive 21st century healthcare through actionable and impactful science. The company was founded in 2016 and is well established across Europe, North America and Asia. Olink is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

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